Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What is BLINK?

Blink is the ability to to comprehend something or anything with just a glimpse, The malay saying" sekilas ikan di air,sudah tahu jantinanya"( or something like that). It is an ability to observe simultaneously.

Our visual processing abilities are by no means hardwired and fixed from birth. They are limits, but the brain's nothing if not plastic. With practice, the attentional mechanisms that sort and edit visual information can be improved.One activity that requires you to practice lots of the skill involved in visual attention is playing video games.

The Attentional Blink is a half second recovery time required to spot a changes. Subitizing is that alternative to counting for a very low number. Training can both increase the subitization limit and shortening the attentional blink. Meaning we are able to simulteneously spot more of what we want to spot and able do it faster too.

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We all have to deal with high stress from time to time,and the best way is to take a moment to regroup and just breathe. Sometimes I just take a quick walk or find a quiet space. This clears the mind and gives you time to re focus and see thing from other perspective.

My daily stress reliever is reading, everything and anything, with particular interest in Politics and history.But for pure escapism- and not so guilty pleasure- I love a great romance novel. After images of death, destruction and mayhem throughout the world, it tilts the world into balance and provide a spark of optimism. Earlier in my younger day, my best stress reliever is getting on my 1500cc Tourer ( Vulcan Classic). Cruising..the longer the better. The sun and wind in my face and the fierce excitement of harnessing all that power definately takes the edge off.

Like we used to say...its not the destination, its the journey!